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I never went to schools that required uniforms and as a child I invested too much time styling potential outfits for cartoon characters that had a closet full of the same. Still, I’ve grown to love and appreciate the idea of a uniform. A basic outfit that doesn’t change often, yet remains responsive.

Does altering a uniform defeat the purpose of having one at all? Perhaps, but I support playing with current trends, even if that means momentarily stepping out of your uniformity. After all — every reform movement has a lunatic fringe or rather, every uniform has a lunatic fringe. Minor alterations can make major statements and show that your style, though minimal, is carefully curated.

Everlane, everlane review, everlane basics, modern basics, simple, fashion uniform, basicsA common misconception is that style has to be out there, flamboyant, a call for attention. When I consider style icons, I award those who’ve made the minimum look maximum. I celebrate fashion designers who have made the ordinary seem extraordinary. Sometimes the most endearing styles are comprised of classic pieces, which brings me to Everlane.

A lot has changed since I blogged about the company in May 2013. At the time, the site catered to a male audience with focus on delivering the best goods available from retailers around the web. Over the past three years, the company has evolved. The vision that founder Michael Preysman had in 2010, when he left his job to pursue his own business, has widened.

If the idea of a uniform appeals to you and your wardrobe essentials are quality basics at affordable prices, this is a company to follow. In a day and age when there are so many quiet secrets about the who, what and where details of our products, Everlane is breath of fresh air and a loud conversation about quality materials, factories and labor involved with production, and true costs. They call it “radical transperancy” and I call it awesome.

Everlane, everlane review, everlane basics, modern basics, simple, fashion uniform, basicsEverlane operates online only for the moment, but shoppers receive free shipping on first-time orders.  The product list includes apparel and accessories for men and women. Basic t-shirts are available for as low as $15 and currently the priciest apparel is a cashmere cardigan for $140, emphasis on cashmere.

The company will debut its “Summer Scarf” on June 25, followed by July releases of the “The Short” and “Langley Tank Collection.” Recently it shared the new summer t-shirt colors — copper, aquamarine and salt — which were inspired by Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone Park.

I’m the proud owner of the Everlane women’s crew t-shirt in forest (I don’t believe this is still available) and I assure you that it is a go-to piece. Funny how a basic t-shirt can make a statement. It’s always the quiet one’s you have to look out for, right?

Browse the Everlane website and tell me your favorite pieces. Where do you like to buy your basics?

Head’s up for New Yorkers: Everlane is hosting an Open House pop-up shop in SoHo from June 13 to June 28.

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