Down with LDD: The Little Denim Dress

denim dress The LDD, little denim dress, or LCD, little chambray dress. Count me in. Honestly, I would not have said it was a wardrobe must until recently when I found the perfect ones for me.

The first one I found last year, during the brutal months of summer. I begrudgingly went into a Kohl’s while on a shopping trip with my mom and there it was -my Sonoma Life + Style dress- on a rack of discounted winter wear. I tried it on and was pleased to find that it fit well enough. The only problem was the length, which cut my petite frame in a weird, unflattering way. Of course this was nothing that a little tailoring couldn’t fix. I had that done and now I wear this as often as weather permits.

The second one I also spotted on a discount rack. This time I was at GAP, perusing the girl’s clothes. I always check the kid’s section, especially when shopping for outerwear, because sometimes there are make-it-work pieces that fit my frame as if they were tailored for it. This dress has a bit of a drop waistline. I’ll admit — I didn’t know I liked drop-waisted dresses until I was standing in the checkout line with this number draped across my forearm. I like to think I pull it off without looking too juvenile.

Dee Denim Dress


I think the appeal of the denim dress is its simplicity and versatility. It is one of the easiest pieces to style (but what dress isn’t?). I can throw it on with sandals or sneakers for a casual day look, and it looks just as good for night-out hours, when paired with a cool jacket and boots (tights optional).

I’m content with the two I have and don’t intend to buy more (unless they are high-quality replacements). Of course if my pockets were so deep that spending $300 on a denim dress required no second thought, I’d dig right in for the Alexa Chung AG Jeans Pixie dress. It’s a dream.

Some other denim picks I would sport:

How do you feel about denim dresses? Yes, no or maybe (with the right styling)? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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