Note to Self: Do You

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset I’m on a never-ending quest to find complete healing and balance in my mind and body, which has led to countless hours spent researching naturopathic, ayurvedic, holistic and similar approaches to wellness. Chakras, doshas, eating fossils, meditation, yoga, drinking clay water, sound healing and all the other alternative health practices aside, I think an important part of wellness involves¬†knowing oneself.

Recently I was reading text from “Reclaiming Your Sacred Spirit,” when I came across some statements that spoke to me:

  • “When we seek the approval of others, we are giving our power away to them.”
  • “Anger is a positive emotion when we use it constructively. Anger is our inner voice telling us to: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

These simple texts are meaningful. They reinforce the importance of getting to know ourselves — our worth, our needs, our potential. It’s not about being selfish or self-absorbed. There is a certain momentum and strength that comes from looking inward for assurance and guidance.

In short, “do you.”

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