Pillow Talk: My Nighttime Routine, Sleep Style


The secret to success is a good night of sleep. Proper rest is so important to the way we function during the waking life. I’ve found that following a nighttime routine helps guarantee that I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Of course sleep doesn’t come easy for everyone — many are walking around with designer bags under their eyes, clutching their coffee cups for life support. I’m no expert, but as someone who has spent a good portion of her life navigating the sleep cycle with her eyes closed (hah!), I think I can share some tips.

Below, check out some of my advice for getting proper rest and find out more about my current nightly regime and sleep style…


  • Always wash your face and brush/floss your teeth. Your mother was right to say it!
  • Find a relaxing and entertaining activity to do before bed, such as yoga, stretching, body massages, deep-breathing exercises, reading, listening to music or a podcast, or writing.
  • Make your bed your sanctuary. It should be inviting. Invest in quality bed linens that match your style and personal thermostat, a pillow that puts you in the right position, and most importantly a mattress that is comfortable (perhaps a Casper mattress because “everyone deserves a great night’s sleep”).
  • Get as many hours of sleep as possible. In other words, go to bed early.


Tea Time – Nothing gets me in the mood to sleep like a hot cup of tea. Caffeine free, of course. I tend to lean toward chamomile, peppermint or herbal tea blends. There are numerous herbal teas that provide calm and comfort, which is ideal after a long day. While I wait for the tea to steep, and as I sip on it, I like to put on a good record or podcast, open a book, or pull out my journal or sketch pad. I need a nightly activity that helps me unwind.

Cleanse – When the tea is gone and I’m done with my activity for the night, I start preparing my body for rest. I always wake feeling well-rested when I make the time to clean off what the day left behind. Taking a shower and bath at night feels amazing. I’ll admit, sometimes I’m feeling too tired to be bothered with that, but even on lazy nights I make an effort to cleanse my face. Of course brushing and flossing the teeth is an important step in the clean-up process and can banish morning breath dragons.

*My current nighttime beauty essentials: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Liquid Soap to wash, witch hazel and/or CAMP Desert  Island Wonder Balm to cleanse (read my interview with CAMP founder here) and Sukin “Moisture Restoring” Night Cream to moisturize.

MeMassage – There’s nothing better than giving oneself a massage before bed. I like to switch up my method for this, but often it involves yoga and stretches, or an oil rubdown. After particularly long days, I do both. Oils help moisturize the skin and elevate the massage experience (read more about the oils I like to use here). I show extra love and attention to the areas that have gathered kinks throughout the day. The hands of a masseuse may be trained, but you know best the areas of your body that feel stiff, sore or otherwise battered. Listen to your body and focus on those spots that holler for attention.

Dress the part – If I’m being honest, I don’t put too much time or effort into deciding what I  am going to wear to bed. It varies based on the temperature. I say, wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Even better if that comfortable outfit happens to be cute. After all, celebrities, exes and Prince Charming always have a way of making it into our dreams — right?

Night Style

Generally I go for a C.R.E.A.M. (comfort rules everything around me) look. Most of the year, I’m fond of an oversized t-shirt worn alone or with shorts when it’s warm or hot. When mild Arizona winters roll around, I opt for leggings or sweatpants instead. Another thing I enjoy wearing to bed is a sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve nightie. It’s a no-fuss outfit and like most other dresses, it makes you feel put together even when you’re not.

*Sleepwear shops I suggest: Sleepy Jones ($$$), Gap Body ($$), ASOS Sleepwear ($-$$), Victoria’s Secret ($-$$), thrift stores + hand-me-downs ($)

Go to bed – By this time, I’m usually comfortable and relaxed enough to fall right asleep. If not, I might revisit the activity I did earlier in the night or get in bed and do a deep-breathing exercise, meditate or pray, and otherwise lull myself to sleep. It’s a beautiful thing!

What does your nightly routine consist of? Do you have any tips for getting a fulfilling night of rest? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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