Recent Thrills: May 2015

THRILLWeekly Thrill is a feature in which I share my current truths, but I haven’t posted in this series since last month, so here is another Recent Thrills edition:

  • T is for taste testing
  • H is for hearing
  • R is for reading
  • I is for interested in 
  • L is for learning
  • L is for loving.
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I touch on some things listed below in my “Monthly Favorites – May” video on YouTube. Check it out here and be sure to subscribe for more.

Califia Farms, double espressoTaste testing: OK — I love my Teeccino, I drink a lot of water, and I often host herbal tea parties for one. But…some days I just want my coffee. There, I said it. It’s not that I need it, it’s just that I need it.

I’m on a never-ending quest to cut dairy out of my diet (if you’re reading this — I love you cheese), so when I came across Califia Farm‘s “Double Espresso” Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk, I was sold. No dairy. ✓ Espresso. ✓ Cold Brew. ✓ Coffee. ✓ Key-to-my-heart words! I don’t drink this on a daily basis because I, surprisingly, have self-control with the delicious brew, but I’ve been spreading the word about it.

It’s sweet, but not too sweet. Because it’s “double espresso,” I only need a small amount to feel the jolt. I like to drink two to four ounces at a time and sometimes I dilute it. I would describe the taste as adult chocolate milk, although I don’t think there is any chocolate added. The brand sells this cold brew coffee in a few other flavors, as well as lemonade, orange juice and pure almond milk. This isn’t the healthiest product (after all, it is processed), but I do like that the ingredients lists are unambiguous and short. Use the brand’s store locator to see if it stocks products at a store near you and when you find it — drink responsibly. 

Hearing: Have you heard the new Tame Impala singles? I cannot wait for Currents, TI’s third studio album, to be released next month. The band has been on my radar for years now, but for those who don’t know: Tame Impala is a rock band from Australia led by Kevin Parker. I would recommend the songs “Elephant,” which I always play while getting ready to go out; “It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards;” and “‘Cause I’m a Man,” which is a new single. Of course, these are just a few recommendations because there are so many good tracks from this band. Parker is influenced by numerous styles of music, including electronic, shoegaze and most obviously, psychedelic rock. The instrumentation is always beautifully layered and textured, but it’s not just that — the songwriting is smart and emotive. 

Boo, Neil SmithReading: It was my turn to pick the book for one of my book clubs and I chose Boo by Neil Smith. It’s the debut novel from the author who previously released a collection of short stories called Bang Crunch. I’ve been listening to the book via Audible and love it! I’m more than halfway through and would already recommend it. This is the second book I’ve listened to through the audiobook app and I have to say it is far more engaging than the first. That’s all thanks to the smart, funny and well-written storyline, I’m certain. It’s a hard one to put down.

Synopsis via Goodreads:

When Oliver “Boo” Dalrymple wakes up in heaven, the eighth-grade science geek thinks he died of a heart defect at his school. But soon after arriving in this hereafter reserved for dead thirteen-year-olds, Boo discovers he’s a ‘gommer’, a kid who was murdered. What’s more, his killer may also be in heaven. With help from the volatile Johnny, a classmate killed at the same school, Boo sets out to track down the mysterious Gunboy who cut short both their lives.

In a heartrending story written to his beloved parents, the odd but endearing Boo relates his astonishing heavenly adventures as he tests the limits of friendship, learns about forgiveness and, finally, makes peace with the boy he once was and the boy he can now be. 


Interested in: Nearly 26 minutes of Jim Carrey dropping knowledge (and humor) at his commencement address for the 2014 MUM graduation. “I am here to plant a seed today, a seed that will inspire you to move forward in life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness. The question is: will that seed have a chance to take root or will I be sued by Monsanto and forced to use their seed?”

Learning: Did you know you can use witch hazel for at least 12 different beauty uses? HelloNatural breaks it down here. I always have this stuff on hand, mostly for skin toning and bug bites, but I’ve got more ideas now. It’s just as multipurpose as coconut oil!

Deena & OzzyLoving: I rediscovered my Deena & Ozzy Minimal Block Heel Sandals that have been sitting untouched in the IKEA shoe organizer under my bed for months. I wore them to a wedding recently and can’t take them off. Really though, they are comfortable, versatile and give me just enough lift.

I’m not a heel lady and never have been (unless we’re talking chunky heeled boots), so these are ideal for me. I purchased them from Urban Outfitters a while back and don’t think they are available anymore, but they have a simple silhouette that one could find in another shoe. The ankle strap and chunky heel give them a ’90’s feel, which I don’t mind at all.

What have you been loving recently? I’d love to hear any recommendations in the comments.

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