Films I’ve Seen in 2014, Pt. 1


I used to go to the cinema at least once a week, stream films via Netflix nearly every day, attend film festivals (in Phoenix and Sedona), and subscribe to Redbox‘s text alerts. In short, I watched a lot of films. Buff? Hardly. Critic? Not so much. I just enjoyed escaping for a couple hours to watch a good movie, especially one in the genre of independent, foreign, documentary or comedy.

I haven’t watched many films this year, but I thought I’d share what I’ve seen, along with my one-sentence commentary and ratings.


*A Band Called Death: Spirited art has an undeniable endurance. 4/5

+Her: For better or worse, “connect” has taken on new meaning in the modern world. 4/5

+The Family: You can’t hide from the truth, or maybe you can but never for long enough. I fell asleep at some point during this one, so I can’t give it a fair rating. 

+Nebraska: Be patient and love your parents, even when they seemingly drive you mad. 3.5/5

*The World Before Her: External beauty isn’t everything and knowledge isn’t everything — balance is everything. 3/5

*Drinking Games: The best friendships are honest and funny (and involve Olivia Wilde). 3/5

*Stuck in Love: Never trust a love that doesn’t hurt, even a little bit. 3.5/5

+12 Years a Slave:  Hate and power have plagued our past and will continue to haunt our present state, if allowed. 4/5

+Dallas Buyers Club: Accept the things you cannot change, but foster change when you can by standing up for who and what you believe to be right. 4.5/5

=The Grand Budapest Hotel: Everything is happening now and all the time, and everyone is watching now and all the time. I fell asleep at some point during this one, so I can’t give it a fair rating. 

+Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Dreaming is fine, but doing is fun. I fell asleep at some point during this one, so I can’t give it a fair rating. 

+August: Osage County: The complexity of the human psyche seeps into all of our relationships, especially those with family, go figure. 3.5/5

=Palo Alto: You don’t necessarily outgrow angst it just comes in varied forms and some people are better at hiding it. 3/5

+Adult World: The best art is instinctual, and will stand on its own with or without merit from the masses. 3.5/5

*Currently available on Netflix (instant stream)
+Currently available at Redbox (check in your area) 
=Currently showing in theaters  (check in your area) 

Will I lose my “hip” credentials for falling asleep during a Wes Anderson film? What movies have you seen and enjoyed this year? Any recommendations for films currently streaming on Netflix or in the theaters? Let’s talk in the comments!

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