Weekly Thrill: 6/23-6/29

THRILLWeekly Thrill is a feature in which I share my current truths:

  • T is for taste testing
  • H is for hearing
  • R is for reading
  • I is for interested in 
  • L is for learning
  • L is for loving.
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JUNE 23 – JUNE 29 (2014)

Taste testingAdmittedly, I haven’t done a lot of taste testing this week (unless you include adding turmeric to as many recipes as possible), but something I have been trying to do over the last several days is keep my Feedly under controlI follow more than a hundred websites and blogs through this feed reader. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming to keep up with new posts. Things tend to stack up.

This week’s thrill post is a little different in that it will be less about my personal, real-life thrills and more about the interesting things I’ve discovered through my feed reader that are worth passing on. 

Hearing: I’m grateful to BaebleMusic for sharing Cold Specks‘ “Absisto” music video. Frontwoman Al Spx has a commanding voice that reminds me of the wonderful Karen O.. The video is dark but in an intriguing way. It’s hard not to follow the demands sung by Spx when she repeats, “simmer down, settle in.” I really sank into this track after a few listens and am anxiously awaiting the release of the band’s sophomore album, Neuroplasticity, due out in August.

Reading Is there a universal secret to a healthy life? I don’t know entirely, perhaps the formula is a little different for every person. A little more of this for that gentleman, but a little less of that for the lady.

Photo by Katrina Parker.

Amanda Bisk photographed by Katrina Parker

Free People‘s BLDG 25 blog recently posted an interview with Amanda Bisk called “The Secret to a Healthy Life.” Bisk, who has always been an athlete, was not able to achieve her dream of pole vaulting in the 2011 Olympics because she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. The experience was life changing, and the reason for her newfound growth in mind, body and spirit. Today she is healthy, happy and free.

“Love yourself enough to look after yourself. Love your body, mind and who you are. And education. You can never learn enough! Especially about yourself. Learn about what’s good for you, how you can help your body and most importantly how your body reacts to the way you treat it. It may take a bit of trial and error. We are all different, but it’s about understanding what is right for you.” Read more…

Interested inI love yoga and find that in practicing it, I am more aware and in control of my body. I was intrigued by a post on Design Milk about an interactive fitness rug called the Tera Fitness Mat.

LunarEU_Tera_1-02The concept behind the Tera Fitness Mat designed by European fitness company, Lunar, is not unlike the classic game of Twister; instead of spinning a dial to dictate placement, color-coded LED lights embedded into the TERA guide users where to place hands and feet accordingly. Sensors woven into the rug provide users with real-time touch/pressure feedback, designed to aid users to shift their weight for ideal form and safe transitions from one move into another.


An accompanying Bluetooth-enabled tablet app connects the fitness mat wirelessly to visually illustrate each movement and pose through pre-programmed routines, with Pilates or Tae Bo programs also available to complement yoga exercises. 

I like the duality of it — functional but also a little ornamental! It’s not available but has the potential to be a great tool for beginners who do yoga alone and don’t have guidance in form and technique. Read more…

LearningThe New Shelton Wet/Dry shared a post with a roundup of interesting articles. One caught my attention. Apparently, “Not everyone wants cheering up, new study suggests.”

The article goes on to say: “People with low self-esteem have overly negative views of themselves, and often interpret critical feedback, romantic rejections, or unsuccessful job applications as evidence of their general unworthiness. A new study from researchers at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University found that they likely don’t want you to try to boost their spirits.”

I think there are times that cheering up from a loved one is much needed and appreciated, but there are times when this doesn’t help the situation. The study suggests, “Individuals usually prefer negative validation, which conveys that the feelings, actions or responses of the recipient are normal, reasonable, and appropriate to the situation.” Relevant. Read more…

LovingAnother find courtesy of Design Milk — RillRill‘s handcrafted no. 7 necklace made with marble, copper accent and a strip of leather. I’m kind of having a moment with marble and this piece is stunning, albeit long (a 30-inch necklace on a lady that’s struggling somewhere between 60 and 72 inches doesn’t make much sense). See more…



Have you come across any interesting people, places or things posted this week on websites you follow?

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