For the Love of Stripes


My style evolves over time (thankfully), but striped pieces remain a staple of my wardrobe. Currently my style preference is minimalism and simplicity (more on that here), which actually works quite well with my love for stripes.

The pattern itself is simple and classic but still available in many varieties. To me, it’s as easy to style as a solid shirt and just as versatile. Nearly any female style icon you can think of has been captured, time and time again, in her stripes.


As you can see, I love the idea of mixing stripes with other patterns. As long as the lines are in the same color family as the other pattern, it usually works without looking like one was dressing in the dark. Actually, some people might still assume that your pattern play is the result of you getting dressed in the dark. It’s definitely not for everyone but neither is making a fashion statement or dressing to appease other people. So — do your thing.

I made a little video to show off some of my favorite striped shirts. Check it out:

Striped shirts in order of appearance: H&M, Esprit via eBay, unknown brand via brother, Liz Claiborne via thrift store, Sophomore NYC via eBay, Croft & Barrow via Kohls, Elle via Kohls, unknown brand via mom, “Brooklyn” via Urban Outfitters, Partners (Mervyns) via mom

How do you like to style your striped shirts?

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